Monday, May 9, 2011

Zany Julie; Cycling edition

As many of you know already, Conner and I love pro cycling. We woke up to horrible news this morning that one of our favorite team's riders Wouter Weylandt was killed in a horrible crash. We spent the morning reading reports and hearing other riders speak out.

Conner turned to me and said, "This is why I like cycling because no matter if they compete against one another daily, they are just one big community and support one another when someone gets hurt."

It made me proud to have this hobby with him. So many sports are filled with over paid, poor role models. Not that anyone is perfect and sports players shouldn't be huge role models. Still, it's nice to know that he is seeing huge life lessons from the sport we enjoy.

Just wanted to record this for me to remember someday and the feeling it gave me.