Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back on track

The Tour has ended and now I will resume my regular blogging schedule. I am looking to re-vamp my blog and network with other blogs. I got some advice from a old co-worker who blogs for a living. She gave me some helpful hints and I may be close to making some extra money here.

Life has been busy this summer. Conner is taking water polo and Elizabeth is taking Tennis. I've been cleaning all week and re-decorating my bedroom. We've gone swimming a few time. Just enjoying summer.

Time to start planning the school year is looming, I have most everything in place but have a few key items to purchase still. I also have to clean out the school cupboard and get rid of unused books. That's going to be a chore in itself. I also have thank you notes to send out from the time of transplant.

Speaking of transplant, Marty is doing well. We went to see Dr.H this week for his monthly check up and his creatinine was 1.3. What a relief and happy thing to hear. Talked to a old friend who had a kidney transplant 19 years ago, he is still going strong and is considered a miracle. Gives us great hope that Marty's can last that long also.