Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Know It's July When?

  • July brings about crazy and odd behaviors from me.
You know its July when:

Your husband tells people he's lost you to the tv.

You bring the tour into random conversation, where uninterested people feign interest.

When you refuse to answer the phone before 11am because you can't be bothered to talk people.

You refuse to make plans to do anything that interferes with tv coverage if the race.

When you have a friend take your kids to their lessons or make them late so you can watch the sprint finish.

When you have to explain why your nails are painted yellow,green,white and polka dot.

When you live on European time in the US. Mid day naps from waking up at 4:30 am everyday.

I slept in this morning and one of my new cycling Twitter friends AntKristi said, "there's no sleeping in July. Just like there's no crying in baseball."

When you lose your voice from screaming at the tv during sprint's and mountain stages.

Instead of reading or watching the local news, you read blogs and reports from the tour all day.

That's my list, I'm sure others have habits they could add to the list.