Monday, December 13, 2010

The answer is not now

We got a form letter of sorts from UC Davis in the mail on Saturday. Their decision is to not list Marty at this time. The reasoning? he needs to lose 15 pounds, have 100 percent compliance with his hemo dialysis regimen and good lab values.

Wait, back up......hemo dialysis? he doesn't even do hemo dialysis! He does peritoneal dialysis and every treatment daily.

This is just what we needed, the door being shut. Obviously, we already knew UC Davis wasn't going to be a fit for us when we left there. This just sealed the deal.

The didn't even know the wait time for Kidney/Pancreas and seemed unwilling to do that transplant.

So we are waiting and sticking with Stanford. Our trip to Davis did show me what a better fit Stanford is and how their patient treatment is bar none.

Marty is scared this will cause problems with Stanford. I intend to call them this week and check in......again, asking if their is ANYTHING we need to know or can do. Marty was very discouraged, he is starting to feel like he may never get this transplant and it is tough watching his health get worse while waiting.

All we can do is pray and know that God's timing is perfect timing.