Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hustle and Bustle

Ahh, the holidays there is nothing like them. If you are a faithful blog reader, you will know that I love the holidays and the traditions they hold. My family loves Christmas and I grew up with super festivities every year and many traditions to pass on. My kids now thirteen and ten are sticklers and remind me what is a must have tradition.

We added the stocking exchange but skipped the town Christmas parade. Instead, we went to the historic Fox Theater and watched our favorite Christmas movie "A Christmas Story" on the big screen. We had so much fun listening to the organ prelude which harkened back to the days when going to the movies was a big deal. We laughed and recited our favorite lines in the appropriate places.  Definitely a great memory.

Friday my mom came for a short visit to celebrate Christmas with my little family. We took the kids down the street to a nursing home which has put up millions of lights. This used to be a nursing home with a bad reputation in our town. It was bought over the summer and we have been watching them build gardens throughout the summer. To our surprise after Thanksgiving lights started to go up, everyday we pass by and more and more lights would appear. They offered a open house this weekend complete with Santa falling from the night sky ( this was canceled due to rain, but Santa was going to be parachuting.) So we took my two year old great nephew to view the lights and we very impressed.

 What a great service to the elderly and their family, also to the neighbors who get to drive by each day. There is nothing like this in our community and we were very impressed. They had a barn with live goats and nativity. A house with Santa and Mrs.Claus, snow machines going, a gingerbread house, painted streets and so much more.

Then last night we attended a Christmas musical at our good friend's church. We have two sets of friends who attended church with us years ago and now go to the same church. It was great to see their kids singing, one friend running a puppet show, her daughters acting in a skit. One friend played drums and shared his emotional testimony of losing his sister. It was really a wonderful night and great to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus birth.

We ate soup and tamales, watched old movies. It has been a great week before Christmas. One last party to attend tomorrow and then we will settle in and enjoy the holiday very quietly. It is the perfect year to try new things and to skip out on some things. We needed a change this Christmas!