Thursday, December 9, 2010

I guess nobody enjoys the silence!

You love me, you really do! ( my best Sally Fields impression), I guess everyone loves the chatty Julie and when I get quiet they know, something is off. I am okay ;)

Yes, I have been a bit down and discouraged lately. Marty recently had a new problem crop up that is a bit scary to us. We just wonder, how much more? Why us? Can't we have a break now? Just seems like more and more is going wrong and the transplant just doesn't seem to be coming fast enough. We are really hanging on by a thread.

On top of that, life is just really busy. For the first time in my adult life, I have done all of my shopping and have everything wrapped. Doing laundry everyday this week because my washer was leaking last week. Teaching school. Plus, Marty is home from work right now and we are all four home all the time, which house is messy!

I recently met a new woman in our church. She told me she wanted me to help with women's events, she didn't know me but every time she sees me, I am smiling and happy even in the hard stuff. So, even though I am quiet, I am still smiling and happy.

Thanks for loving me and worrying about me. It really means the world to me to know, people really do care!