Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not our turn

Stanford called and the pancreas will go to the first offer. We are at complete peace with this and pretty much had felt this was the way things would go. It was great practice for the real thing and just what we needed. Our spirits are lifted, our confidence has returned, we know, he is next! What a shot in the arm, just what the doctor ordered.

  We now feel joy and complete happiness for the person whose life will change today. We all know, we have been praying for the donor and their family. It wasn't the right person and it wasn't God's appointed time. We were scheduled to go to our homeschool Christmas party yesterday. I was out running errands in the rainy mess. Several streets and even our freeway have been flooded. The party was out in the country and I felt unsafe driving there by myself. Marty was going to stay home with Conner who is sick. I called to cancel because I just had a feeling, I wasn't supposed to go. Twenty minutes later, the call came and I knew why. I had to text people, call people, make arrangments for the kids,. Larry and Joyce, the retired couple from church who are the primary for watching the kids cannot watch them. Larry is in ICU on a ventilator waiting for quad bypass surgery. My mom who is going to care for them long term has a houseful of company. My Dad has to work. But, our good friends Becky and Greg stepped up as well as our friend's Stacy and Jim. Then Rachel aka crazy Rachel offered to drive and pick them up for my parents. We called our friend Matt who has banking duties and put him on alert.

 It just wasn't quite settled, so we knew it wasn't time. Good news, my binder worked great( I have a binder with household information, medical releases and all the pertinent information to run our house) and we all got bags packed in record time. Everything went smoothly in that department. I feel like we are now truly ready for the call to come.

  The good thing to come from this is the overwhelming relief, joy and hope. We know they know our number, we know he is next in line, we felt lifted and supported yesterday. We are just joyful and at complete peace. We are glad to be home to care for Conner and have Christmas together.

 We know God is sovereign and at his appointed time, everything will fall into place. Thank you all for your support, we feel each one of you holding us up!