Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 Fun facts

It's that time of year again, time for our annual Christmas letter. Once again I am not sending out cards this year, I am trying to keep the stress level at a minimum and this was one thing that can be put off. So the Christmas letter is a Christmas blog once again.

This year we will give you some Timms family fun facts!

Fun fact: This is our 17th Christmas together

Fun fact: Marty and I got engaged on December 7th, 1994 and actually wanted to get married on December 7th, 1996 but changed our minds. I am glad we didn't do that now, we wouldn't have ever been able to have the great anniversary trips or nights out.

Fun fact: Almost all of our parent's birthdays are in December. My Dad on the 20th, My mom on the 24th and his dad's was the 31st. My Gramie also had a birthday on Christmas day.

Fun fact: this is our 14th Christmas married

Fun fact:  This is our 13th Christmas as parents

Fun fact: Conner was actually due December 17th but in true Conner fashion he was a month early. I am really glad for that now! He gets a birthday and Christmas instead of both smooshed together.

Fun fact: This is our 11th Christmas living in Visalia

Fun fact: This is our 10th Christmas as parents of a daughter

Fun fact from Elizabeth: "Daddy eats all the cookies before Christmas"

Fun fact: Marty and Conner's favorite Christmas song is "Little Drummer Boy". Marty loves it because his best Christmas memory is laying in his Dad's bed with the radio playing that song in the background.

Fun fact: Elizabeth's favorite Christmas song is "Joy to the world" and Julie can't pick just one

Fun fact: On Christmas eve starting at 8pm we will watch as much of the 24 hours of a Christmas Story marathon as we can.

Fun fact: We sleep out in the living room on Christmas eve.

Fun fact from Conner: " We play hide the pickle on Christmas day. Momma's grandma always did this and we do too."

Fun fact: our dog Max is celebrating his 9th Christmas with our family and those who know him, know this is a small miracle.

Fun fact: our dog Oscar is celebrating his 4th Christmas with our family and loving laying by the fire each night.

Fun fact: Conner loves Christmas lights and every year decorates the bush in front of our house. We call it his "Christmas bush"

Fun fact: this is our first year EVER that we are all done shopping and all the gifts are wrapped before Christmas eve.

Fun fact: we bake lots of cookies and goodies this time of year. Marty and Conner's favorite are haystacks, Julie's favorite are buckeyes and Elizabeth loves decorated sugar cookies.


It has been a great year for our family. Conner is now a teenager, so hard to believe and something that makes us a bit verklempt. Elizabeth is now 10 and growing into quite the young lady. Marty is still working for the state and I am still staying home and homeschooling amongst other things.

We were able to make our triumphant return to Southern California after a two year hiatus. It was fun to be with our family and celebrate the wedding of Julie's cousin Marissa.

  We also got to see many old friends, many of whom we hadn't seen in 15 years plus. We also got to spend time with our good friend's the Jasso's and the Rytky's, our families have become friends over the last four years.

 It was nice to be back in our old hometowns. Our favorite highlight of one trip was taking the kids to every school we attended and showing them the landmarks of our youth.  Marty's favorite part was showing the kids his old home

Julie's favorite part was taking the kids to see where we were married at the Disneyland hotel. I must admit and this will shock nobody that I had a good cry, taking our kids to see the spot where it all began.

The kids highlight was being able to go to Disneyland with Grandma after a few years of not being able to go. They had a great time while we attended the wedding. We were able to go back to see World of Color as a family the next day.

Over all, it has been a long year for the Timms family. Full of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But through it all there has been much love, joy, faith and happiness. We are thankful for all of you, our friends who have supported us and been cheering us on along the way. We wish all of you a merry Christmas and a very Happy 2011.

Julie, Marty,Conner and Elizabeth