Monday, December 20, 2010

Stanford called for real!

Last week, Elizabeth was playing Angry Birds on my phone. Marty and I were doing a exchange in our room. Elizabeth came in, pale, shaken and teary eyed. She said, " I was coming to give you the phone when I heared God say to me, " go tell your parents your Dad is going to get his call in a month." I heard him mommy, I really did."

I hugged her and told her we belived her. The look on her face said it all, she really heard that. We all prayed together and knew it might not happen.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Marty and I were doing a exchange when the phone rang. It was Stanford asking to speak to him. They were asking about insurance, if he has been sick, we just assumed they were doing their check in. The lady spoke to me and stated, "you understand this is a offer, he is on standby. We have two others ahead of him but if they dont pass their criteria he is next." We will know in 24hrs if this is our turn. If not, it was great practice.

We have called, texted, blogged and set everything up for the kids care. We are ready to go if need be.

If you remember in October, my friend from Georgia saying a call would come in 48 to 72 hours. Then in 72 hours my friend Michelle called crying saying God told her everything was in place. Then my friend in Maryland said December 15th, the next day is when Elizabeth came crying. We know God is working and we are hopeful the end is near.
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