Friday, February 4, 2011

In the home stretch, maybe

Doctors were happy at yesterday's clinic. They told Marty to start eating smaller meals more frequently to combat the stomach issue. They are still watching the temperature problem closely and it is still ongoing. The good news is, they said next week will be our last full week of clinic! They said we can start talking to Dr.B next week about going home!!!

My thinking is, on Monday the 14th he will have clinic and we can leave after that. We won't have to return until the next Monday.We are very excited at this prospect and the kids are thrilled!! We are praying for this to be a possibility.

The kids are doing great. This week and next they are in Southern California with my family. They spend the daytime hours with my Aunt Maggie or Aunt Al. Then my mom picks them up for school time in the afternoon and takes them to my Dad's in the evening. So far it is working out great. They are enjoying spending time with family. I think my cousin Sarah is driving them up next weekend to visit. This weekend they are just staying in So.Cal to try to keep them on a routine.

Thanks for praying and supporting us. It means the world to us!