Thursday, February 3, 2011

My mentor Pauline

Today is a hard day, I won't be able to be at a funeral for a good friend. She passed away this weekend and I cannot make the trip home at this time, since Marty has clinic.

I met Pauline in 2002 when I joined Parkside Chapel. I started to really get to know her via Alliance women's ministries. She served as our secretary. She was set to take over my jobs in the group this year and is leaving a huge void in our little group.

 After a few years, I joined her thursday morning bible studies. She was a wonderful teacher, always picking a great book and using scripture to teach the finer points. She always had a packed study, women brought friends because it was so great. During 2006 when my grandparents died, her study group prayed me through and supported me during a difficult time. Her husband Jerry would homeschool Conner so that I could go to group.

She mentored me over the phone in times of crisis. She also honored me by letting me become a confidant to her. She really taught me how to minister to women and was instrumental in the founding of my ministry MPG. She came and shared with the moms about the loss of her son Steven. She helped plan the meetings and attended every one. She steadfastly supported me in ministry and life. In fact, it was through her prayers that we ended up going to UC Davis to be evaluated for transplant. She had a nephew transplanted there and really wanted Marty to check it out.

She never gave up on someone, even if you weren't in her group anymore she was always checking on you. She always had a listening ear and would point you back to Jesus. She really believed in mission work, she always was making sure we were looking out for her adopted daughter and friends on the field. She was thrilled when last year her good friends the Mindek's were able to come speak for missions week. She was good friends with Becky's mom and when she passed away, took on the mom role. She also did that for my friend Stacy as well. She only had sons by birth, but many daughters through adoption!

You never are prepared for something like this. There was no goodbye. I take great joy in knowing the last time I talked with her, I was able to tell her something to thrill her. What a great memory to know, we blessed her in some of her last days. She is leaving a huge void in our church and women's ministry. She loved Jesus and loved serving him.  I know she met him and was told, "Well done good and faithful servant."

My heart goes out to Jerry, whom the Timms all love dearly. He is a good friend to us also. We also are praying for her sons Jerry and David. I guess there never is a goodbye, but a see you again. I know someday, I will see her again and hug her once more.