Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday clinic update

This weekend a new issue cropped up. Marty's blood sugar jumped to the 200 range after dinners. We called and watched the blood sugars. They come down on their own but still very concerning. Also, the fever still is a issue. The nausea is better, only happening once a day if he doesn't eat small meals.

So today, in clinic Dr.G brought up the "R" word. Thinking it might be a touch of rejection. All of his cultures and labs are clear, but the fever and sudden blood sugar spike make her think it might be. She isn't worried yet and is watching closely.

Dr.B thinks the pancreas is working but the anti-rejection meds and predisone are making it high. Also, since he is slightly overweight doesn't help. So, for a while he will have to take one shot a day of insulin until things level out. Only 10 units compared to 60, but still is discouraging. This won't be forever and doesn't mean the transplant has failed. In fact, it is quite normal. Marty takes a higher amount of insulin compared to most diabetics, he tends to be insulin resistant. So this is working against him.

So pray for Marty to get off insulin permanently and for these issues to resolve. Other than those two things, the doctors are thrilled and everything is going well.

Also pray for Elizabeth, she was running a high fever last night and really was missing us. She just has some sort of bug, but is having a hard time since we aren't there to care for her. My aunts and dad's tried to calm her, she ended up with my mom. She tends to be this way when she is sick and it just is excerbated by being away. We hope soon, we can all be back together.