Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy birthday Aunt Al!!

It's my aunt Alison's birthday and I wrote Aunt Mag's a birthday blog. I better keep it fair!

Aunt Al is the second mom aunt. She was the only stay at home mom in my family growing up. Not only did she take care of her own three kids, but the rest of her nieces also. She forever had us at her house, spending the night, making messes and being loud.

She was always driving us around in her little station wagons or van. One of our favorite memories is her driving us up to Big Bear in her Taurus station wagon. We broke down on the side of the mountain. There were so many of us in the car, only her and Andy could ride with the tow truck driver. They left the rest of us in the car on the back of the tow truck. She said she looked out the back window and we were singing and head bobbing.

We would spend every New Year's at her house, she would buy us tons of snacks and let us have a party. She doesn't know of the atrocities we made in her microwave. She just let us have fun and be kids. When I was a teenager she would let me drive her car everywhere and gave me freedom.

She watched us and never complained. Most mom's get antsy with their own kids, let alone all of their siblings children....all the time. We spent 7 days a week together during the summers but also weekends during the school year. Plus, sometimes if we were sick, she would have to take care of us too. She never complained, she never said no. That is really amazing.

When I got married, she picked out my bridesmaid dresses and helped my bridemaids get them altered. She helped me out with many things during that time.

My kids love Aunt Al for being cuckoolikeabuckoo. She always makes them laugh when they see her. In fact, as I type this blog, they are with her and aunt Maggie. She and Mags are helping my Dad care for them during the week.

I often think of her when I see my own piles of laundry. She was always doing laundry, now I totally understand why!

Thanks for being such a great aunt. Thanks for taking care of us girls and always being there for us. You are loved and appreciated. Happy birthday!