Monday, January 31, 2011

ER trip

 Last night, we had our first little scare. M's temp had been jumping all weekend, going from 98.0 to 100.6, back down. I called the nurse and she just said to watch it. He got sick Saturday night, we just thought it was his meal. Last night, he got sick again to the point his incision started weeping and his temp was 100.4, so we called and they had us go to the ER.

We spent all night in the ER and they ran labs. He indeed had a low grade fever, they are now attributing that to removing the drain. The vomiting was caused by his Cellcept, one of the anti rejection medications. They had upped the dose on Thursday. He has too much in his system now and his body is getting rid of it, the only way it can.

Dr.Gallo the young fellow transplant surgeon was WONDERFUL. She has been nothing but wonderful to Marty and I. She came in and checked on him. She told us we are being very dilligent and doing a great job. She isn't overly concerned, they don't like the temp most of all. They will watch that this week.

Please pray for the temp to go away and for them to get these digestive issues figured out. Some of the problem is diabetic gastroparesis, another side effect from being a diabetic for so many years. That could eventually get better, it might not.

Good news, it ISN't rejection!! His kidney and pancreas are looking better than ever!!! His labs looked great in that respect.

Bad news, we spent all night in the ER, came home, slept one hour and now are headed back out to appointments.