Friday, January 21, 2011

Praying forward

We have all been praying for so many years for the transplant, praying for the donor and donor family, praying for a good match, praying for a place for me to stay. God has answered every single prayer we have prayed for the last three years.

How do we pray now? We need to pray for no rejection. Rejection happens about 50% of the time and is treatable. It doesn't mean the end of the transplant always, it can but it doesn't always mean that.

Transplant is a treatment option, not a cure. It will fail someday but we are praying that is many years from now. I have read stories of transplants lasting 40 years. My good friend Tammy's mom had a kidney for 20 years. We are praying for at least twenty years, our children will be grown then. Marty's dad's only lasted seven years and he didn't get to live to see his grandchildren. Marty is praying he can live to see his grandchildren, walk Elizabeth down the aisle and see our children grow. I know and believe God will answer these prayers.

Those are really the major requests ongoing and forever. We thank you all for praying and know you will always continue to pray with us.

Marty has hit the sore stage. He is not in extreme pain just sore. The surgery was basically done like a c-section but on each side of his belly. He also has one incision where they removed the dialysis catheter. He has one drain left and one place where they removed a drain. He says at the most painful his pain has been a 3-4 on a 1-10 scale. He is finally taking the Norco they prescribed, he had been just taking extra strength Tylenol. His weight was 186, blood sugar was 114, BP was 93/69 when he woke up. All the numbers look great.