Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One week later

Marty is all cleaned up and looking so much better. In one week he has lost 25 pounds, I think that is all fluid he has been carrying around. His blood sugars are staying under 200 without the help of insulin. No more four times a day dialysis treatments. Life is good and so much better already.

It was a bit scary coming home last night, knowing we are in charge of the anti-rejection meds and taking them on time. He will take these pills the rest of the life of the transplant. They have to be taken a certain way at a certain time.

There are 16 different kinds of pills and many different doses. We have a list and time schedule. This is nothing compared to dialysis and we gladly will do this instead.

Our little apartment is very cute and tidy. It has everything we need and everyone is joking it is our love nest. We miss the kids terribly. We  are looking at this as a month long 15th anniversary celebration in advance. Di asked for some pictures, so here you go

Very cute and right down the street from Stanford. It is only a few blocks and a easy walk. For Marty they will send a golf cart to drive us down there for appointments. We went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on necessities.

One song that has kept Marty and I going is a song written by U2 called "40" it is based on Psalm 40. The lyrics really fit our situation and it has been the song on our lips for the entire journey. One of the lyrics state, "How long?" and we often wondered how long? Now we know, Three years, two months and three days.