Friday, January 14, 2011

Switching one set for another set

Last night I hit a the only low so far, I slept in the car. We got to his room and it was a shared room, which made me lose it and cry. I had canceled my plans to sleep at Stacey's house and didn't want to call her at 11:30 ( which would have been fine.)

Stanford really doesn't  have places for family members to rest and this particular unit is the ONLY one I have seen without a waiting area for family. The room is so small, I am in the way and really I want the nurses to be able to take the best care of him possible. So I slept in the car and actually slept, but I was sore and tired this morning.

So I came in to see Marty and then took off to Stacey's. Let me tell you, Dennis and Evelyn Smethers raised a wonderful daughter. She made me breakfast, I chatted with her and her little cutie Arya. We went to Target to pick up some essentials. Then I went and got my haircut, I feel a thousand times better now!

I took a nap and headed back to Marty. Of course, the social worker, transplant coordinator and dietician were all looking for me. We took a two hour class on anti- rejection drugs and how to watch for rejection. Transplant is not a cure but really switching one set of problems for another. Of course, the after transplant problems are way less and much better. Mainly a VERY strict drug regimen added to some things we already do such as taking blood pressure, blood sugars and weight three times a day.

Marty can have milk and cheese again!!!!! The diet is actually the reverse of the renal diet. One sad bit of news, no more yellow five til' I die......only Marty's childhood best friends would understand that one. No more diet Mountain Dew or any caffienated sodas or teas. Caffienated drinks are a dieuretic and he has to be sure the kidney is properly hydrated at all times. But, he loves to drink and this will not be a problem like it was with the dialysis.

He is looking great and feeling really good!! Each time I see him he looks better and better. They cannot be more pleased with things. His blood sugar is under 200 and his kidney is producing tons of urine. All of his numbers are trending downward.

We found out we can send the donor family a letter. I plan on taking this blog and making a book to send to the donor family. We did find out it was only a match on one level but the donor was 18 years old and that is what really mattered. A young pancreas is very important and necessary. This transplant can last up to twenty years and I fully believe it will.

We cannot thank you enough for all of the support we have recieved. It truly blows our mind and it has been such a joy to see God at work.  We have been able to share our story with many and it has already been touching other lives. One friend told me last night, she wants to go back to church now because of our story. Others have contacted me about their health and wanting to get better. It is going to take a long time to thank everyone and reply to the many messages. I intend on saving them all and making a book for our family to have to look back. Look and see what the Lord has done!