Sunday, January 16, 2011

My host family

I have been staying with Dave, Stacey, Ashley and Arya. Stacey's parents go to our church and introduced us to each other. I had always worried where I would stay when Marty was in the hospital. There is NO place for family in this hospital and my family and friends are hundreds of miles away. Stacey offered a year ago and that has been the plan since.

They have been so gracious and kind. Truly a wonderful place to stay. Stacey and Dave have both fixed me meals, Arya and Ashley have kept me entertained and distracted.

Last night they had a baby sitter and Arya stayed up waiting for me. I ended up having to go lay with her because she wouldn't go to sleep. She is a very sharp witted three year old, you can get nothing past her. I started singing to a praise song playing in the background and she told me, " You aren't good at singing either!" because earlier in the day she wanted me to color her a picture and I couldn't do it right. I told her that I am not good at drawing either. So then I told her things that I am good at and how we all have different gifts and talents. I almost cried when she looked at me and said, " Our God is so big."

They also are huge Disney fans with a ton of Disneyana in their home. So it is a bit like being in my old job looking at the pictures on the walls.

The kids might be able to come stay with them at night and with us during the day in a couple of weeks. They have graciously offered to do that.

Our family and friends are so thankful to know, we are with people who care! I cannot thank them enough for making me so comfortable.

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