Friday, January 14, 2011

"How can we help?"

I have been getting this question a lot and so many have come forward wanting to help. We are so thankful to everyone in Visalia taking care of our kids and keeping our home running. We are so thankful to Dave and Stacey for opening their home to us.

We will be moving into the H.O.M.E apartments here on the grounds. The condo wasn't available to us and we will have to live here for the month.

Then month two we will be traveling back and forth once a week and month three every other week.

People have asked how to send money or help financially. There are two ways to do this, one is send money via Paypal to


Donate to the benevolent fund at Parkside Chapel Visalia

Parkside Chapel
3200 E Walnut Ave.
Visalia, CA 93292

We aren't going to deny people the chance to help. Everyone has been waiting with us, as much as this is our joy, it is your joy too. Everyone wants to take part and we are absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. Anything over and above our needs here at Stanford will be donated to the benevolent fund at Parkside to help other families in need. God just is taking care of us in amazing ways.

In fact, these two ladies that I have met wanted to bless our family. I have been praying for them and telling them of our story. They just walked up to me and handed me 80 dollars out of the blue. They wanted to buy my meals.

Every need is being met and we lack nothing. I know this is just a answer to the prayers of many thousand people. We are so blessed beyond measure.