Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How long are you there for?

Marty got released from the hospital today. He is making good progress and they are very pleased, they think it is better for him to be out of the hospital. We do have to stay close for the next month to two months, so we have moved into a apartment on the Stanford campus.

It is a cute little one bedroom apartment, the smallest place we have ever lived. Unfortunately, the kids cannot be with us and are staying home with my mom for now.

Marty continues to improve daily, his creatnine is almost normal now at 1.6. His blood sugar was 220 last night but 120 all day today. He lost another pound putting him down 21 pounds so far. He even asked if he could go to the grocery store with me and they okay'd that. So he drove one of the electric carts around while I shopped.

We are both tired and I have a feeling, this is going to be the best nights sleep that we have gotten in two years!

People are asking how to send us stuff, please email me for the address. Also on my last blog about Paypal, I made a mistake it is jmtimms2@hotmail.com