Tuesday, January 18, 2011

book bound

 I have been fielding this question a lot, "Will you write the donor family a letter?" of course we will and we were already given the okay to do that. Five years ago when I started this blog, I had no idea what it would become. I just liked the idea of blogging and it turned into so much more.

It turned into a journal of grief when losing my grandparents and then it ballooned into something more when Marty was diagnosed. I started blogging and sharing our journey mainly to keep friends and family updated. Then it became carthartic to write it all down. Also it has become a memorial stone for this journey through the desert and valley of sickness.

A couple of years ago, Andrea blogged about blurb a company that will bind your blog into a book. I knew immediately what the plan of action would be. I will have the blogs on Marty's journey bound into a book, one for us and one for the donor family. I want to be able to share our long journey and also the thousands of people praying for so many years for them.

 We were already told we can write the donor family a letter. I am going to give it time. They need time to heal and grieve, maybe once the dust settles it will be welcome. I hope they know how much we prayed for their child and for them. How much they are a part of our lives now and how grateful we are to them.

I also want a book, where I can go back and see the great lessons we have learned and how we have grown. I want to never forget or be jaded about this time in our lives. That way we can share with others who we meet along the way. I also don't know where the book ends just yet.