Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday and Friday update

We went to the clinic yesterday. They continue to be thrilled with Marty's progress. He had the last drain removed. That was huge, for the last five years he had a tube of some sort coming out of his stomach. First the insulin pump and then a dialysis catheter. So he feels free now!

His blood pressure has shot up. That is because one doctor told him to take off a very strong clondine patch and the other doctor said to let it run out. We knew the second doctor was right but we keep seeing the first. So we took the patch off knowing what would happen. It isn't outrageous, but still high from being rather low.

His blood sugars are good. The highest it has been is 180, which I re-took a hour later and it was 129. What a working pancreas does!!!

He is still eating only little bits at a time and has a constant full feeling.  He has been told his appetite will come back. He is still having restless nights, but we are told those will dimish once his bladder stretches back out.

We are looking forward to this weekend our kids, my dad, and good friend Rachel will all be visiting. We did have a overnight visit from Marty's mom last night also.

He does have to have a procedure on Monday to remove a stint holding a ureter open. We are told it is a very quick procedure and he will be out in 30 minutes. He is very anxious about that. So pray for it to be painless and quick.

Thank you all for the support. It is keeping us going and encouraging his recovery!