Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We got "THE CALL"!!!!!!

We had just come home from Dr.Heaney's, I was making baked potato bar for dinner. Marty's phone rang and it said, "unknown" which is how Stanford shows up. He couldn't get it and then my phone rang with Stanford area code.

 IT WAS THE CALL!!!! Three years, three months and 3 days later!

 "How soon can you be here?" and we told them four hours. We called the person set up to watch the kids. She had company. So I called my best friend Heather and she took them for the night. She came to pick them up. Elizabeth has been packing for a week. She knew God told her Marty would get called in a month on December 16th, that date has been fast approaching. Conner, Marty and I threw bags together, kicked our little dog outside and took off. I didn't have time to text or Facebook anybody. I called my friend Di and she graciously updated everyone for me. I made phone calls all the way here on my nifty headpiece that came with my new phone.

  We were blessed with clear driving conditions, no traffic and made it here in three and half hours. We got here and were told surgery was in the morning. They are running blood work,ekg and chest x-ray. They are checking for infection, heart issues and anything major. They are pretty sure it is a go though. I felt peace. Marty has been very anxious and nervous the whole night. I got scared when we got here, just scared they would say no.

  Of course, today was a bad health day. His bp was 234/113 at the doctor. His ankles were swollen this morning and all day. So this is not good to the doctors here. But his BP had dropped considerably, his blood sugar was great, ankles..............very swollen. Of course, we missed a treatment on the way here and then they are just hooking him up now.

  The dialysis nurse is loading the "evil machine" remember the machine that gave us so much heck before?? Well he is setting it up wrong, I tried to tell him but he didn't listen to me. He is now wondering why is isn't flushing and I am happily blogging in silence. He told me to be quiet........ We took out Marty's insulin pump tonight, for what is the last time, we hope! That was quite a emotional moment.

 So, we are getting ready for bed and hopefully will have great surgery in the morning. Of course tonight, I thought of the other family somewhere out there, hurting and sad. Think of them tonight and pray for them. Thanks for all your support these last three years, this is just as much your day as it is ours!!