Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God told Elizabeth

It started at 7 a.m. November 12, 2010. I got a frantic call from my friend Danielle in Georgia, " I had to call you, I have a very strong feeling that you will get a call in 72- 48 hours. God just would not let me rest until I called you."

72 hours on the dot later, our very close friend Michelle called crying, She had been praying and reading her bible and she said, " God told me, time is near and everything is in place." She isn't a internet person and I hadn't even spoken to her for a week. She had no clue about the first phone call.

Then my friend Janeen in Maryland sent me a message, December 15th. She had a very strong feeling that something would happen that day. I told Marty and nobody else. Janeen and I are in a prayer group of 10 and we all prayed over it.

December 15th came and went. Our friend in the prayer circle Viviana felt a decision had been made that day.  I believe the donor made a decision that day.

On Thursday December 16th, I was helping Marty with dialysis and Elizabeth was playing Angry Birds on my phone in the kitchen. We heard a tap on our bedroom door, "It's me Poohnky, I need to come in." She opened the door and was pale, visibly shaken and on the verge of tears. "What's wrong Elizabeth?" and she said, "God just told me, Elizabeth go tell your parents, your dad is going to be called in a month. I heard it mommy, I really did,"

We told her we believed her and prayed with her right then. We assured her that we believed her but not to be too upset if it didn't happen.

Four days later, the warning call came. Marty was a back up for a transplant surgery. We kind of knew it wasn't the time, but can you imagine how Elizabeth felt? "I told you, I told you!" In fact, I had just shared the story with my Dad the night before and he was blown away to get a call on his birthday, he said, "God did tell your daughter."

The past week, Elizabeth has been packing and cleaning away. She has been anxious and jumpy at every phone call. So yesterday, when Stanford called for real, you can just imagine her joy. " I told you, I told you." What a amazing gift for a young girl, what a story to have. I was so happy for her, to see that God is real and he does speak to us with a still small voice.

I wonder how often this happens and people just don't listen? How many times have I not listened? It is so true the faith of a child. Thankful for Danielle, Michelle, Viviana and Elizabeth who all listened to God's voice speaking to them.

A/N Please pray for Janeen and her husband Bucky. He is in the hospital fighting lung cancer and they have had to call in hospice. It is a very bittersweet time for our group of friends.