Monday, January 17, 2011

One more day

  Marty is tired of this place. That is a sign he is feeling much better, he is ready to hit the road. We asked to go to a hotel for the night but the doctor said no. So one more night here for him. I am going to stay with him since his roomate Mike is going home today.  I think that will help him out some.

 His labs are fabulous. He did have to have three units of insulin yesterday but compared to sixty units a day pre-surgery this is great. They won't be doing that today though, Dr.Busque wants to see what it will do. His phosphorus is almost too low, which is so funny because pre-surgery it was too high. He has lost twenty pounds in less than a week, signs the kidney is working great! His creatnine was 2.9 yesterday and 1.8 today.

 We saw the kids yesterday and they are headed back today. Conner is trying to run the house and I am telling him to let Grandma do that. We have had so many come forward to help with them. Right now, the best place is at home where they can be in their own environment. A few people have offered to drive them up here and that is so wonderful, that helps lessen the separation for all of us.

 Everything couldn't be going better! We are blown away by the progress in such a short amount of time. We are also blown away by the love and support. Keep praying the prayers are being answered right and left.