Thursday, January 20, 2011

You know things are good when...........

  You know things are good when the transplant doctor is giddy leaving the room exclaiming, " Now that is the kind of transplant I like!"

What a great feeling to see your doctors smiling and happy, they are amazed. The one thing Dr.Busque remembered about Marty pre-transplant was the size of his legs. He was carrying all of the excess fluid in his legs and they were like tree trunks, even now the little bit of swelling is nothing compared to before.

He still has in one drain and a stint in the ureter that need to be removed, that might not happen for another week or so. His blood pressures are so good, they are cutting back his medication already. His blood sugar was 100 when he woke up this morning, I don't think that will ever get old!

He is now able to eat cheese, milk, hot dogs and dairy again. His phosphorus that was always too high, is too low now. So he is enjoying eating the dairy products and drinking cereal with milk again.

The sore stage has finally hit, he is pretty sore but not in extreme pain. He mostly is taking extra strength Tylenol because Norco makes him loopy.

We do miss the kids, that is the hardest part of the whole thing!

It is so different going and hearing good news, I know we will continue to hear good news. This could have gone so differently but I know God has began a good work and he will carry it through to completion. Why spend our days in fear and worry when everything is so good? We are just going to revel in the goodness and enjoy the moment.

We are so grateful for the support and love we have been receiving. It has carried us through!