Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday clinic update

Went to the kidney clinic today. So far, so great! They are very happy with everything still!

His blood sugar was 160 once last week, they said Predisone or Prograft ( anti rejection med) can contribute to that. So they are going to try to lower the Prograft, he is already being tapered  off the high steroids. His pancreas is working just fine. They have him on high Prograft because they are more worried about pancreas rejection but it is toxic to the new kidney.

The said the kidney was still a bit sleepy, but that is due to the Prograft. So they fully expect things to just keep getting better and better.

He gets to ditch a high powered blood pressure medicine he has been on. He is down to two and they might be able to wean him off those soon.

Our good friends Matt and Tammy came to visit yesterday and today. It was so good to see them and have a piece of home here with us. Thanks for coming to see us!

The kids are coming for the weekend this weekend. Our good friend Rachel is bringing them up along with my Dad. We are looking forward to that!