Saturday, January 8, 2011

Polar opposites

Conner and Elizabeth are such opposites. It is funny to see it play out in little trivial things such as birthday parties.

Sunday, Elizabeth was invited to a birthday party. She thoughtfully picked out her gift and rushed home to wrap it herself. That night Conner wanted to sleep in our room on the floor since his sister was gone. They don't share a room but he took advantage of his mom and dad time.

Today, Conner went to a birthday party. He went and walked around until he found something suitable. As we are driving home, he says, "Your gonna wrap that right? I don't want to wrap it." that just cracked me up.

Tonight, we asked Elizabeth if she wanted to sleep on our floor. She turned us down, she would rather sleep in her own bed.

I thought it was a perfect case study to share on my blog. This is how they are, one extreme to the next. We have a picture that Marty loves, he says it describes our children perfectly.

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