Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend visit

We had a nice weekend visit with the kids, my Dad and Rachel. We are so thankful to Rachel for driving them all up here so we could be together. It was nice to have the kids for the night, Conner slept right by us. Elizabeth kept hugging me.

The kids wanted to see the Hoover tower at Stanford today, but we couldn't find parking. So we took the kids to see the offices of Facebook and Google. That was fun for everyone to see.

It was quite the teary goodbye this afternoon. Conner wanted to stay with us and didn't want to leave. Elizabeth did pretty good leaving this time. I wish there was a way for us all to be together, but there just isn't. They will be visiting with family in So.Cal this week.

People keep asking how they can help. The best way is financially, not going to lie, running two households has been a burden. We are thankful to our church, family and friends who have already been helping out. We are very thankful for the help and it is appreciated. All of our needs have been provided for while we have been staying here. We know that God will continue to provide our needs.