Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dr.s aren't worried, so we aren't worried

I have fielded several worried phone calls after yesterdays blog. I guess everyone hit the panic button when they read it. I hope to alleviate  those worries with this blog.

Marty is okay, he is not in rejection. His pancreas is working just fine. The predisone and anti-rejection meds are causing the high blood sugar, not diet or pancreas failure. The insulin is just to help the pancreas and isn't a permanent thing. We hope he will only be on it a month or so.

Excercise can also help and we need to get moving. We are hoping to get home where we can walk on the St.John's or ride our bikes. We are walking here also.

They have run every culture and blood test to check for infection. There is no infection. They said there was another case where the patient just ran a fever for months. Also, the drain and incisions are still healing, maybe that is why the fever.

The nausea, we hope that will go away with the boost of insulin. That is being caused by long term damage from diabetes. There is still damage from being a diabetic for 21 plus years, that will never go away or take a very long time to go away.

If the doctors aren't worried, we aren't worried. We feel peace knowing, he is receiving excellent care from the top doctors in the field. So don't worry either, just pray and ask God to heal these things. That is what we are doing.

We are so thankful for my family, they have been caring for E who is sick/homesick and Conner who is homesick. The kids have been being really good but having a hard time being with anyone but mom and dad. We are thankful for the patience our family is having with them.

Thanks for praying and supporting us, please don't stop. We still need it!