Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three weeks and counting

We have hit the hard part of recovery. He is still recovering very well, on paper everything looks great. His creatnine was 1.3 his best yet. Blood sugars are great, blood pressure is much better and stable and his weight is great. The doctors continued to be very pleased.

Unfortunately, his stomach is giving him a hard time. He eats but the food just sits there and then he gets sick. He is on a medication for this. The doctors seem  to think the Cellcept is contributing to this problem. They lowered his dose but it will take a few days to even out.

He has been tired because most of the issues come up at night. The temp is being caused by some fluid under his skin near the incision. They are closely watching him but aren't overly concerned at this point. It has never gone above 100.6, so it is considered low grade.

They do want him out walking and moving. Being sedentary can affect the temperature and cause it to rise.  So moving and being active is really a high priority at this point.

Overall things are going well. He has recovered so fast and is doing really well. We are just taking it slow and taking this time to get him better. Please pray for the nausea to go away and for him to be able to eat better.