Friday, June 24, 2011

Elizabeth's triatholon

When we were at Stanford and the kids were staying at home, Elizabeth called us. She saw a listing for a triatholon in our city recreation guide. She thought she would want to do it. I told her that she would have to train hard.

We all came home in February and started training. We first started with bike riding two miles. Then we added in running and then had to wait..months to swim train. She was most nervous about swimming.

I was a swimmer in high school and tried to teach her breathing technique and flip turn to make her life easier. She was a frais she would forget how many laps she did.

The day of finally approached. 1.2 mile run, 100 meter swim and a two mile bike ride. We got her set up and ready to go.

Off she went. The swim was a struggle, her goggles came off and went around her neck. She also has a hard time not stopping to breathe. She made it through and went on to the bike.

She booked it on the bike. She came bake with kids who had left ahead of her!!  She took off on the run and did pretty good. She was tired at the end but finished strong.

We are so proud of her. First person in our family to do a triatholon. She set her mind to it and achieved her goal! She's already talking about next time.