Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I love Jens!

I heard someone say last week, they were pretty sure the song " The King of Pain" was written about him. He has said himself his job is to inflict pain and suffering.
When Jens is on form, watch out. Last summer on the cobbles in the tour, he rode Andy Schleck into yellow. He suffered on the cobbles for his teammate.
He shines in the mountains, climbing like the true beast he is; grimace and all. He makes it look easy,yet you can see the suffering on the faces around him.
Of course, he also crashes in spectacular fashion. 2009 Tour De France comes to everyone's mind when they think of him. He hates talking about that. Or what about last year, when he crashed and rode a junior bike to the finish? The man is unstoppable.
What endears him to me, is his interviews. He is so funny. If I'm having a bad day, I can YouTube Jens interviews and laugh. My favorite was after a stage of the TDF last year. When asked about retiring he says, "ja, they going to have to shoot me off the bike. As long as they offer a contract, I keep riding."
He also writes a great blog which is second only to a tv interview for me. I loved one of his last blog's after this years TOC crash. Where he explained his broken wrist and that he only had surgery, so he could hold a glass of milk when he is old.
I could go on and on. He's a class act and truly one of the greats. Not only a good rider but a great ambassador for his sport. I cannot wait to hear what he says or see what he does this year in France.

 This video cracks me up everytime! Embedding isn't allowed so you will have to click on this link