Saturday, June 18, 2011


We arrived at Stanford this morning. It brought back memories of the last time we checked in for surgery. Last time we were laden with burden. This time we were anxious but the load was lighter. We were better prepared not facing so many unknowns.

They took Marty back and took his blood. When I got back to him the fellow had already been in. They told him if his creatinine had gone below 1.5 there wouldnt be a biopsy. They also explained they didn't think it was rejection. They just wanted to know what was going on. Maybe drug toxicity?

We sat behind a curtain listening to the older men high on Valium waiting for their angiograms and laughing hysterically at their comments to the nurses.

Conner was extremely anxious, he feared we were leaving them for a long time again. He kept calling over and over.

The bloodwork came back at 1:30, his creatinine was 1.4. The young fellow seemed disappointed she didn't get to do the biopsy. She had done "several" according to her. They did want a ultrasound to check for blockage. He went down for that and was given the all clear.

I truly believe our prayers were answered. Simple as that. No other explanation needed. We walked out lighter than air and relieved. We went to get boba to celebrate.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!