Friday, June 10, 2011

Keep calm and carry on!

We had a good visit to Stanford yesterday. Dr.B was happy and even was ready to change us to three month visits.

He decided to take him of the insulin sensitizer and see what happens. Also taking him off a drug Valcyte which is to prevent something called CMV for short. It's a disease most people get as children and never know. Marty never had it but his donor had it. They've given him this preventive drug for six months and will take him off now.

Because of this, he has to come back the next two months. The receptionist was asking why he is still coming monthly? I guess most aren't by now. We think they just like us and are taking good care.

We got a phone call yesterday afternoon and need some prayer. His creatinine jumped from 1.3 to 1.7 and they want to do a biopsy next week of the kidney.

They had brought his anti rejection drug down in dose. Prograf is toxic to the organ in high doses. It could be this causing the high creatinine.

We have made friends with a couple. Alvin had his transplant two months before Marty. He has already had a biopsy and his creatinine is higher than Marty's all the time. After hearing that from Nekol, we feel better.

We also found transplantbuddies forum posts, this is get common and it seems to not mean the worst always. In fact, more often its easily treatable.

Marty has been drinking Diet Coke, it may be causing dehydration. He is going to drink more water this week. If his creatinine goes down he won't need the biopsy.

We were pretty devastated yesterday. Today, we are calm and at peace. Basically, by all accounts Marty has been lucky to not already have had this done. He hasn't had any major complications and everything has gone well. We have no reason to think anything other than that.

Please pray for this to be a simple fix and nothing to worry about. We are trusting God and taking each day as it comes. We are going to enjoy this next week.

We aren't sure what day the biopsy will be. We are hoping Friday.

Until then keeping calm and carrying on.