Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm always talking about the Grandma's and last year I wrote my Dad a Father's day blog. This years its Grandpa's turn.

Benjamin was his given name but everyone called him "Brownie". He was a simple man from Kansas. The baby of nine children. His stories about growing up are funny. One of his favorite sayings was, " Wait for baby". It originated when he was young and trying to keep up with his siblings. It became a family saying for when someone is getting ahead of themselves.

He served in WWII proudly. He went to the European theater and was at the Battle of Bulge. His time was cut short because of a fight. Two men were fighting in camp, one threw a rock at the other. My gramps came around the corner and was hit in the eye. It damaged his eye permanently.

He loved to sing and whistle. Gene Autry was his hero and some of my most cherished memories are of him singing to us. I still cannot here Rudolf or Here Comes Santa Claus without bawling.

He loved his family and loved nothing better than when everyone was together. He could be found out back having a Bud with my Dad and uncles. He had a sister Wilma whom he adored. He was a good brother too.

He adored my Grandma. That was his girl and he was broken hearted when she died. He died eight weeks to the day after her. Wanting nothing more than to be with his girl.

He was a simple,kind hearted man. I think my emo tendencies come from him. He loved being sentimental. He loved remembering.

He had the most beautiful white hair. I loved to run my fingers through it. My last moment with him was doing just that and thanking him for everything. It was a beautiful goodbye.

This song reminds me of him. To me its Silver Haired Grandpa of mine. I miss him so much.