Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday Conner

Seems like just yesterday that I was wishing Conner a Happy 10th birthday on this blog and here we are five years later. I don't write much about the kids anymore, they are getting older and really don't like me sharing too much. I will always write them a birthday blog though as long as this blog exists.

Conner was born a month early, I should've known then he would be a busy one. He has kept us on our toes since the minute he was mobile. He always has a project to do or something he is working on. He can really do anything he sets his mind to. The past year he has learned to work leather, repair our bikes, and sharpening knives is his newest endeavor. He makes us laugh with his "Connerisms" and happy go lucky personality.

What I really want to focus on his Conner's heart. He is the kindest 15 year old boy I know with a heart for others. He brings so much joy to all who know him especially his Dad, myself and his grandparents. He also has a large following of people at church who love him dearly. We often are told of his great character and our so proud of him

My favorite thing about Conner is he has a heart for those who often the world overlooks. One of his first good friends is Carol, a daughter of a family we know. Carol has Down's syndrome and can't really communicate. Conner learned how to communicate with her and has always been a good friend to her throughout the years. I told her mom that someday I could see Conner being a caretaker for Carol in their adult lives. I know he also listens to many kids in youth who are struggling with life, he always gives them a listening ear.

This summer our friend Fanette brought her sons David and Vincent to come visit. She loved their interactions on Skype and couldn't wait to meet him. She had originally not wanted to bring David who has severe autism, she thought he wouldn't be able to handle the trip. Conner and Vincent had already become friends and looked forward to meeting. She was scared because she thought David wouldn't be able to communicate and the change may scare him.

When David came, he immediately bonded with Conner. Not only did he immediately begin speaking English but he became a friend to Conner. During the trip we went sightseeing all over California and something began to happen. While at theme parks David would hold our hands something that is his custom and he really wanted Conner to hold his hand. Most teenage boys would shun and push away but not Conner. He held David's hand without shame and even a bit proudly. That is just the kind of guy Conner is, a truly beautiful soul.

Conner making Vincent laugh in the Skyway

Conner made David laugh the entire time he was here.

We are proud of you buddy and the man you are becoming. So hard to believe you're already fifteen and in just three short years will be graduating and turning 18 years old. Keep loving the Lord, others and just being yourself.

Conner has always had his own sense of style. His new pompadour look

Conner's birthday blogs through the years