Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Brown Bunch Loved Mr.Duck Duck

I was sitting here this morning, trying to think "What in the world am I going to blog about today?" on day two of NaBloPoMo. Not a good sign people, I must come up with a outline tonight to save myself from failing miserably. Okay, that is over dramatic since I've never failed a NaBloPoMo in five years. Unless I end up sick, I will finish.

Okay, I will spare you the internal monologue...........

A few weeks ago after church, we were making the normal mad dash out of the church parking lot. You know the one where you wait in a line to leave said parking lot? We pulled up behind a Taurus station wagon   recently acquired by a lady named Patty. She is a wonderful lady who has adopted her great nieces and nephews. She never says "no" to a kid who wants to come to church. Anyways, I noticed something immediately that made me smile.

Two little girls sitting in a rear facing seat smiling and waving at me furiously. I waved back and attempted to get a picture of them with my camera phone. I wanted to post it to Facebook to show my Aunt Alison because I was immediately thrown back to happy days.

During the 80's and 90's my Aunt Alison owned two Ford Station wagons. We ( seven or eight little girls) would fight over who got to sit in the "back back" and view the world as we drove around Whittier.  We especially loved playing a game we called "'Mr. Duck duck" where we would see people pull up behind us and duck. Then we would peek our heads up, wave and duck again. Endlessly amusing to 6 and 7 year olds and probably to the people behind them. We loved playing "Mr. Duck duck" for many years.

During their tween and my teen years, we had outgrown "Mr.Duck duck" and were driving to Big Bear for a water skiing weekend in August 1994. We had seven kids crammed into Aunt Al's Taurus station wagon some of us laying in the back because car sickness was an issue for others. We were snaking our way up the mountain when all of the sudden on a hairpin curve......the Taurus broke down. We sat waiting in the car for help to come.

When the tow truck driver got there ( mind you I am giggling already as I type) he surveys Aunt Al and this gaggle of girls plus Andy and his mouth drops open. "Uh Ma'am, I don't have room for all of you in my tow truck."

A plan was formed, our cousin Andy would ride in the bed of another truck up the mountain while us girls rode on the back of the tow truck in the Taurus. We were so excited, you aren't supposed to ride on the back of the tow truck but we had no other option.

We start riding along, I was in the driver's seat and decided that we needed to have a songfest to pass the time up the mountain. I immediately lead the girls in a rousing rendition of the Brady Bunch theme song. Aunt Al looks back and see's our heads bobbing and swaying in time, singing at the top of our lungs. I think the tow truck driver probably regretted picking up the call!

We had the best of it, poor Andy got rained and hailed on in the back of his Dad's truck until we stopped at a mountain store and let him into our songfest car!

We made it up the mountain and had a wonderful trip together. Even today as I am writing this blog my smile is a mile wide and I am laughing so hard that tears are rolling down my face. While I was writing my cousin Andy called and I laughed with him about it some more.

Julie,Sarah,Brianne, Carrie, Rissa and Caiti F. dancing in the cabin

Funny how driving out of the parking lot of church and seeing a couple of kids in the back of a car could bring back so many fond memories. Makes a great blog too!