Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Since I had my VIP guest post on Tuesday and skipped Time Machine Tuesday, I thought that I would have Throwback Thursday instead.

Today I am spending the day with one of my Sisters of the Heart, Heather  she has been one of my closest friends living in Visalia. We love Twilight and today are going to a all day showing of the Twi movies together that ends with the premier of Breaking Dawn 2. We are nerds but happy nerds.

Have you ever seen me use the term "SOH" and wonder what I am talking about? Someone at Mixtape thought Andrea was my sister. She isn't by blood but she is in my heart.

I often talk about my Sisters of the heart, there are quite a few of them. A girl with a broken heart over two sisters ended up with so many wonderful sisters that sometimes she can't even count! I have sisters in the UK, sister in France, Sisters spread far and wide across the US. I am a very blessed girl in the sister department. It has taken many years for me to say that but it is the truth and my heart is full not broken any longer.

The story of Sisters of the Heart

Some of my sisters are sob sisters

Some of my SOH's are "sister cousins"

My side of the story of my relationships with my blood sisters. All opinions are mine and my feelings alone.