Friday, November 9, 2012

"When Are You Moving?"

This is something we hear almost everyday. We usually hear it most on Sunday's at church along with " Oh, we thought you just moved and didn't say goodbye" because I've been busy working lately. Like I would ever do that. The answer is "We hope by January, but we aren't sure" the hold out is Marty needs a job for us to move. He is actively searching and looking for a job in his career field while I pack the house up. Our house is full of boxes and I try to pack something up every week. A new pastor at our church moved from Colorado into our neighborhood and his wife generously gave me all of their boxes. That is another funny story in itself, a blog for next week. Yesterday we got a bit of good news that might allow for a plan B for the move. We are praying this might pan out and work towards our goal of getting to Tennessee by January. We are praying about it and trusting God's leading for us. Once again, we are in the waiting room. Waiting for change but still in life here which is winding down. It's been so clear our time here is over yet we don't want to leave the people here. People here don't want us to leave. One thing I do ask is can we stop with the negative comments or trying to talk us out of moving? It makes things harder and is truly upsetting. I would support any of you moving even if I didn't like it. I have done this with many friends before and would appreciate the same support. We have to go and try this, we have to live with no regrets and we would regret never trying. We may fail and want to come back. Life is too short to not try. We still have a lot of people to see and spend time with before we go.I am trying to do that while working nearly full time. I went back to work at my husband's request to help fund our move. It has been very helpful for me to work but everyone hates it. Of course, I will still be working in Knoxville and the future. Part of this move is for me to build my career and I will share more about that later. I hope this clears up some of the questions. As soon as we know something, you know that I will share it. We just really don't know much right now except that we are indeed moving.