Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time Machine Tuesday: My Love of Music

The final Time Machine Tuesday of NaBloPoMo 2012! Does anyone even read these things? Do you like them? Should I keep this feature next year?

I love looking back from where I have come as a person and writer. It is truly one of my favorite features and I think Elizabeth's too.

My first time seeing Tears for Fears after being a fan for over 25 years http://www.julesmpg.com/2011/09/tears-for-fears-dream-come-true.html

The burning question: Why does Christmas music make you cry? http://www.julesmpg.com/2010/11/why-christmas-music-makes-me-cry.html

 Christmas 2007 was awful http://www.julesmpg.com/2007/12/lets-all-breath-sigh-of-reliefchristmas.html

My first time meeting NKOTB, such a dream come true http://www.julesmpg.com/2012/04/nkotb-town-hall-los-angeles-41412.html

My interview with Jill and Kate, a great new act and a great album to buy for Christmas http://www.julesmpg.com/2012/08/just-jules-features-jill-and-kate.html