Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Happy Birthday Jessie

Jessie is the youngest on the far left in this picture. Number six in line

Next in the series is my cousin Jessica aka Jessie. She is sixth in line and the third Brown grandgirl. She is the daughter of my Uncle Bill and the third grandchild to carry the Brown name. She is also the second J named grandchild. We've often been called by each others names throughout the years.

When Jessie was born and we became six "The Cousins" were truly born

Carrie, Jessie and Julie

She is also the first cousin with a resemblance to myself. Carrie, Jessie, her sister Jamie and I all have the same hair color and features. It's kind of funny in our family, the sisters children all look alike and the brothers children all look alike. Just worked out that way.

My favorite memories are of going to Jessie's house for sleepovers and playing with her really cool Barbie collection. My Aunt Donna had saved all her Barbies for her girls, so we were playing with antique Barbies mixed with new Barbies. Jessie had the best Barbie collection. 

One of the saddest days of my life was the day that Jessie moved away with her parents to Arizona. I understand why they needed to move but it was hard to lose one of my beloved cousins. Taking the trip to Lake Havasu to see them was always fun though. 

Jessie was a true easy going middle cousin always going with the flow and following along. She was always a excellent student and truly very intelligent. She was a straight A student for her school career. In college, Jessie became a mother to a handsome boy Anthony.

The battle she faced at such a young age, she faced with courage and strength. She was truly born to be a mother and fought hard for her son Anthony to have the best schooling and resources available. I am truly in awe at the mother she has been to him. It shows when you're around him, that boy has me wrapped around his little finger along with his cousins Conner and Elizabeth. 

She is now a wife and mother to another beautiful child Peyton. Peyton is a cute little firecracker who gives Jessie a run for her money! Jessie works hard for her family and it is clearly evident by the smiles on her kids faces that she is a great mom.

I am looking foward to living in the same state as Jessie again and seeing her more often. We went to visit her family last year on our big vacation and spent a fun day in Nashville with Jessie and her family.

Brown girls: Lacey, Jamie, Julie and Jessie October 2012

I am thankful that Jessie and I have grown closer as adults. We often talk on the phone or Skype sharing stories of motherhood, knowing each others kids and just being good friends. I look foward to that continuing in the years to come. She is truly one of my sister cousins.

Jessie standing next to Sarah on the left. The Cousin grew and grew

Jessie helping me open birthday presents

Jessie on Grandma's lap. The Cousins now had a boy member!

Jessie on the right. Just us girls!

Our last sleepover before Jessie moved away

Jessie sitting so nice while Andy explores next to her

Jessie laying across the back of the couch

Our famous celebrity back to school party

My kids with Jessie and Jamie's kids in Tennessee