Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday Conner

16 years ago today, Marty and I became parents to a sweet boy named Conner. He was such a good baby, he rarely cried and was always happy. Of course, when he started moving our world crashed in a big way. The kid loved to get into any and everything. I think until he was seven, I really wasn't sure I would survive him without a nervous breakdown.

He has always been happy-go-lucky, rarely ever upset or sad. He is a great hugger, a hard worker, a big help around the house and very talented in many ways. He has overcome many obstacles with his learning and excelled in many areas.

He is a sound tech for his youth group and helps at our church as well. He can fix just about anything, this past week he helped fix my car. He works hard to help his Dad and I out around the house.

It has been great to see him excel in our move. He has a wonderful group of new friends including a really good friend named Hugh. 

Seems like just yesterday he was being born a month early. We really miss the days when our kids were little, these days I can look him in the face seeing baby Conner and Conner the man all at once. We are now on the downhill side of the teen years, just two short years until he is 18 years old. So hard to believe!

We are proud of you Buddy. We love you and are thankful you're such a wonderful young man. Dad and I appreciate all you do for the both of us. We love you so much and cannot imagine our lives without you.

Happy 16th birthday Buddy!

Conner age 9

I made him take this picture and have held it as ransom for year

Conner age 9

age seven

Conner and his buddy Chase

Moonface as my Grandma called him

Conner age 1

Conner age two

Conner and his Poppa Brown age seven

Conner and his favorite rider Mark Cavendish

Conner and Tom Boonen 2009

Conner and Fabian Cancellara

Marty,Conner and Jules circa 1999

Conner after his first big climb

Conner and mom

Conner running the sound board

Conner age one

Conner age 15, not much has changed