Friday, November 15, 2013

Sometimes Good Days, Start Out Rough......

The day actually started on a high note, we got good news first thing that our health insurance debacle of the summer was finally straightened out. Marty and I were rejoicing until I got ticked off at him. Yep, I am normal, I do get ticked at him from time to time. I am just a big believer in building up your spouse and never sharing when they tick you off with others. Anyways, it was just a miscommunication and misunderstanding of something I wanted done. No biggie.

Then it all went downhill, like the song ''Manic Monday'' except it was Friday. I left my wallet in the wrong car, I never leave it in the car period but did last night after my grocery run. Then I realized, my car was on empty and needed gas but I had no card or cash. I hadn't packed a lunch and was by now running behind.

Sad to say, I kind of barked at Conner, he had offered to get my wallet out of the other car but said it wasn't in there. He said I brought it in the night before. Alas, he was wrong and it really was in the other car with Marty at work.

I jumped in my car, started down the gravel drive only to realize, I left my glasses in the house. Car in reverse, flipped a U-turn and back to the house. Procurred glasses and headed on my way.............until I realized that I left my entry badge for work in the house. Flipped another U-turn and back to the house this time I grabbed an apple in a hurry.

 By this time, I was in full blown tears. I hurried my way to work in a state after calling Marty very upset.

No lunch, no cash, no was going to be a long day.

As I sat in class, I heard my name called out. Here came the security guard from the front with my wallet, water and mints ( and cash added to my wallet so I could eat). Marty had come to the rescue, I heard a lot of ''awwws'' from the ladies around the room. I am so blessed to have a good husband.

We were working on test claims for drugs in class today. It reminded me of the time not too long ago when Marty took most of the drugs we were working on. Reminds me, we are so blessed and our life is amazingly good right now! Reminded me, just a few short years ago, we were in darkness with little hope.

Lunch time came, I went to get gas in my car and get some lunch. Originally I was going to go to the grocery store which I get a deal on gas at but it was past my lunch destination. So I started to pull into somewhere closer, hesitated but had a gut feeling to just stop there.

I decided to just use the cash to pay and headed in the store. I was waiting in line when I heard a young girl crying, she was at the atm in the store, baby carrier in hand. She had her phone up to hear year and was yelling into the receiver, apparently her ex didn't put the child support in and she had no money. She said she was taking the baby to the doctor and ran out of gas ( I couldn't help but over hear her conversation) and ''how could the dad not care about his baby?''

 She was in anguish, it reminded me, I am blessed and even though I had a rough morning it could be worse. I took the cash out of my wallet, walked up to her and put it in her hand. She stopped crying and looked at me, ''Thank you, this is so embarrassing.'' and starts speaking into the receiver, '' a random stanger had to come up and give me cash. Even they care more than you.'' I just looked at her and told her, ''It's okay, we've all been there''

( I could tell she was sincere, being from Calfornia, I have seen every trick and am excellent at reading people. She really was anguished and really upset)

It was that Ah- ha moment, the one that hits you like a ton of bricks. If I had my wallet that morning, I would have gotten gas on the way to work. I wouldn't have needed to stop at that gas station and been there right at the time the girl needed. We even went to lunch early today, it was one of those goosebump and chill giving moments. Things happen for a reason and that was my reason.

Smile on my face, I returned to work ready to face the day with an attitude adjustment. Life is good, sometimes I fail at not sweating the small stuff. I work on it constantly and lately have been not doing so well at that. Working on returning to not worry about the little things in life, re-training my mind afer a rough few months.

Life is good. Be happy and pay it forward. It is cheap, easy and fun!