Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Favorite Places

The world is a wonderful large place to explore, learn and enjoy. As an adult, there is a sense of wanderlust in me that longs to be fulfilled. Two major moves in my adult life has brought adventure and excitement, learning new places and exploring my new hometowns.

The other day, I retweeted a picture of Hearst Castle with the caption, ''My favorite place on earth'' to which Auntie Em replied that I was a liar. She said, ''around the table with your family is your favorite place'' that is true. I love being around the table with my family, laughing, joking and kibitzing about life in general.

So I will meld that and another suggestion she made and share my favorite places on earth. I really hope at the end of the blog, that you will leave me a comment and share your favorite places on earth and why?

Hearst Castle, San Simeon,Ca

There is something about William Randolph Hearst's vacation home nestled in the Santa Lucia mountains above San Simeon,California that speaks to my soul. Beautiful highway 1, zigs and zags back and forth down below. Something about this property has always called me since I was a young girl. My first visit with my parents in 1984 to my honeymoon in 1996. My friends and family have both taken me there camping for birthday trips. Whether camping or staying in a hotel, I love this piece of California

Disneyland, Anaheim,Ca
From the time I was 9 years old, one member of my family has always worked for Disney. My experiences differ from the normal Disney experience. My favorite time of day at Disneyland is when there is nobody in the park. There is something about the place that you can feel Walt's dream when the place is most quiet. I love the smells, sights and sounds that surround when people are there. From being a little girl to an employee, getting married there and nearly having my first child there. There is something about ''The Park'' that will always be my home.

Hume Lake and The Sequoia National Park, Ca
We lived with these grand trees in our backyard for many years. We could go into one of the nation's oldest national parks anytime we wanted. Throughout the years every time we had company, we would take them to see the big trees. Then through our church,we fell in love with Hume Lake camp and spent many happy times visiting the facilities there.

Brown Family Home, Whittier,Ca
It's the place where I grew and became me. Where I learned about family around the table, tradition, keeping house, love and family. I learned to swim in the pool, work hard, respect my elders. It is the house that held a lot of love and security. While this is somewhere I can no longer go except in my dreams, it is still one of my favorite places on earth to revisit in my head.

Stanford University, Palo Alto,Ca
It was where Marty and I got our life back and had a second honeymoon of sorts. It was a special time in our lives and will always be special to us

Anywhere my family and friend are!

Anywhere Marty,Conner and Elizabeth are is where I like to be. We have had many adventures as a family and I love finding new one's to be had. I also like going places with my friends and seeing them. Being with my cousins is also another favorite place of mine.

Where do you love to be? share with me in the comments below