Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Bachelor and Dolly

As you know, my life is an adventure with lot's of weird stories that make sense to me. I hear it all the time, "Julie, your life is so weird." I haven't lived a cooKie cutter life.  My experiences have made me unique and I'm content with that.  So I just share my random life stories with my readers instead.

I remember in 2006, Travis Stork was on The Bachelor and I wanted to know who he would end up picking.  I found a website and started reading. These amazing women could figure out the ending by looking at screenshots and other information.  I loved reading this website and watching the Bachelor.

It was on this website,  I met some wonderful women. These women would chat about life and I started joining in. I realize now,  once again God was using something random to lead me to much needed friends.  Right around the time I started joining in, Marty was diagnosed with renal failure.  These women ended up becoming my prayer partners and some of our most ardent supporters.

One year, they all decided to meet up in Pigeon Forge, TN. We all know this story in my life. ...I had to say "no". I cried and felt like I was missing out. This happened for several years. The day Marty got his transplant,  the ladies all said "now you can have your turn too!"

Sadly,  that year it wasn't meant to be either. That fall, I met up with two of the ladies in Georgia and South Carolina.  Finally the next summer, I was able to meet up with another one of the ladies in Pennsylvania.  It was such a wonderful day.

This year, we laughed. I now live the closest to Pigeon Forge instead of being the farthest away. I couldn't wait to see the ladies.

Last month, my dream finally came true.  The ladies and I met up in Pigeon Forge. It was an amazing dream come true.

We ate, we laughed, we cried and went to Dollywood together. We even went to  church together.  These ladies have become some of my best friends and confidants.  We all pray for and support each other through thick and thin.

I'm so glad I finally got my chance.  It was an amazing weekend with much happiness and joy. Truly a dream come true.

P.S. 1: I typed this blog on my phone 2: No, I don't watch the Bachelor anymore!