Saturday, November 30, 2013

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye and Thank You

Goodbye NaBloPoMo 13, this year we didn't become friends instead we struggled and fought. Somedays you won and somedays I won. I think we're parting ways after today for awhile, I am sure that I will miss you and may even regret giving you up. Absence always makes the heart grow fonder.I miss my friends who've joined me in this adventure over the years, it just isn't the same without them.

For me, this blog is a labor of love and devotion. I love writing my history down, sharing stories, truth, struggles and truimphs. Why do I keep blogging? my faithful readers who encourage me and support me. Every tweet, comment, retweet, Facebook comment, email and kind word. It always shocks me when someone says to me and says, '' I love reading your blog!''

I am humbled by your support and forever grateful for your encouragement. The support I have recieved has ovewhelmed me. Going from a handful of faithful friends reading to over 10k people a month reading blows my mind. Every kind word encourages me to writer, be a better write and continue this journey. My gratitude,love and thanks can never be enough.

Next year, I will focus mainly on writing a book and the journey that will take me on. I will never stop blogging but I won't be blogging as much.  Still have a few more blogs in me this year and then my journey begins.

I will leave you with this follow up on the great Christmas tree debate:
Marty wrote this on FB today and I thought I would share. I wasn't kidding :

Ok, so as I'm sitting on the couch listening to Christmas music watching Julie decorate the tree, (Trust me it's best to stay out of her way) I notice a lot of "My" ornaments making it on the tree. Happy Day! Right?? All the sudden Julie reaches over me while hanging an ornament and says, "you see, I'm putting them where you can see them". Then I realize my ornaments are on the "Wall" side of the tree! 
P.S. I do have ONE ornament on the front of the tree. If you ZOOM in, it's on the lower left by the tree skirt. "