Friday, November 1, 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013

It's become my November tradition, dating back to 2007. My friend Di suggested we all join in with the Blogher ladies and do NaBloPoMo. I had never heard of such a thing but once again played follow the leader with Di and joined in. Used to be Andrea,Di and I blogging away for two years and then just Di and I. Now, I stand alone in the NaBloPoMo challenge.

This year, I have actually thought about not blogging. I am busy training eight hours a day, five days a week for the next six weeks for my new job. I am sitting at a computer all day, reading and learning. The last thing I really want to do is blog.

The thing is..........I have been writing several blogs in my head for the last few weeks. Yep, you read the right, I write all of my blogs in my head before I actually publish them. I start the bones of them that way before ever sitting down at the computer. My brain is a fascinating place, it is a like a giant Rolodex of memories and blog ideas.

Along with my photographic memory, I can write a blog and put pictures in it all in my head. For me,  this is  completely normal  until I realized, most people can't tell you every single picture they have by just thinking about it. Last night, I was looking for some Halloween pictures and really wanted one of Elizabeth in a certain costume, I knew that we didn't have a picture of her in that costume though. No need to search, I know exactly what pictures we have and where those pictures are in bins. ( I really need to scan my pictures into my computer, I am so lazy though.)

So anyways, this month I have several blogs lined up to share. I have a few posts that I have been asked to write by an author and an app company. This year, I am actually scared to fail the challenge. I am a purist, I don't write my posts ahead of time, they are written daily during the challenge. I am out of town tomorrow, so this could be challenging in itself. Still working that issue out in my head.

Life has been full lately. Full of learning, living, growing and changing. I hope to share that with you this month. Above all, the labor of love this blog has become is something I want to focus on. It has grown from its early days on Myspace, then switching to Blogger, now its own site which I am thinking of finally transferring over to hosted Wordpress. From maybe five views a blog to over 11,000 hits a month now.

My blogging friends that I started with have quit blogging almost completely. Here I stand, still writing and moving forward. The other night, a huge supporter of this blog actually was encouraging me. Sometimes I wonder, ''why bother? I am only talking about myself most of the time and people must get tired of that.'' but she was telling me that it made a difference and impacted her life. She really built me up and gave me the courage to continue on.

Now I am looking forward to sharing, continuing to be Just Jules and focus on topics that are important to me and my family. I am particularly anxious to share a few stories with you that have impacted my life this year. I hope you will join me on the journey as I attempt to blog everyday in November.