Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Funny: Life is Rosy, Don't Mess with My Parade

The mania has begun, immediately when I started my new job the first thing I did was look at the calendar. Since I will be working nights starting at 2:30 p.m., I am excited it will work perfectly with my cycling fan ways and watching races. The entire last season, I kept having to leave for work the middle of races.

Alas, that is not the point of this blog. I went to look at where January 1st fell in the week. Who cares about New Year's eve, would I ever bother to go out that night? NO!! My entire life I've had to be up at 8 a.m the next morning,so who wants to be tired and do that? I always fall asleep during the parade as it is.

Yes, I said parade.........

It's a life long obsession. I blame my parents......

The Tournament of Roses Parade is my favorite way to start the New Year. Someday, I dream of seeing it n person. Once I saw the floats in person but I've never been to see the parade in person. Oh well, that isn't the point of this blog. Carrying on.....

Of coure, there are the years the parade is on a Monday because New Years day is on a Sunday and Pasadena has an antiquated law that you cannot have a parade on a Sunday. The year my Grandma was sick, the parade was on a Monday. It was so depressing.

I was sitting in class yesterday, talking with my co-workers about working holidays. I was talking about how I was so excited to not have to get up early on New Year's day to watch the parade. Then a moment of sheer panic overtook me, ''OH NO!!! I have to work at 2:30, will the parade be over by then??!!!!"

Remembering the parade starts at 8 a.m. in California which makes it 11 a.m. East coast time.  Oh dear!! Oh dear!! The panic!

My co-worker Nora looks at me and quietly says,  "You can just DVR it.''

Did she just say that? I gave her the above look and she started laughing, ''Ohhhkay, I guess not''

You don't DVR the Rose Parade! 

I told her, I am going home and blogging about this. As we laughed hysterically at my reaction.

The parade is so important that my divorced parents both call me separately at some point in the morning to hear my recap of the parade and exchange favorite floats etc.

Fear not, I think that I will be able to watch the entire parade. Now I hope Hallmark has KTLA coverage with Bob and Stephanie. Because it isn't the Rose Parade without Bob and Stephanie.

Really only a few people I know get my fervor. I know my friend Maria is already posting pictures of the Rose Queen Crown on Instagram. She gets it! So this blog is dedicated to her. Who didn't want to be a Rose Princess when they grow up? you lived a sad childhood if you didn't.