Friday, November 22, 2013

I Really Don't Want to Blog Tonight or Be an Adult.........

Dragging along on my journey, the last year of NaBloPoMo for me. This month has been really tough to keep going and frankly, I am tired of blogging everyday and think everyone is tired of me blogging everyday. Challenging my brain is a good thing but add that to forty hours a week in a classroom training for my new job. My brain is fried.

I've been in training to be a customer service representative for a pharmacy benefit company. It is a complex job that has required a lot of training. I am loving it so far, no day is ever the same, great company with great benefits and lots of nice people working there. Customer service is important, which is right up my Disney training way. I am now in the phase where I go into my role full time next week under an assisted level. Bottom line, I really love the challenge and will learn a lot.

Went out to dinner with Marty and his new co-workers tonight. It was nice.

I wish that I could've gone home for my cousins shower this weekend. Really sad to be missing out on such a big event and especially for my dear Sarah, who has been there for my family. New job, no time to plan and life have prevented this.

Then I came home to read several sad bits of news about friends. I really hate to see friends hurting and struggling.  Seems like the older I get the more it happens, I didn't realize that until my friend Jessica brought that up to me tonight. She is so right. Getting older stinks, can we find a time machine to go back and be young and carefree again?

So prayers for all of my friends hurting, sad and down tonight. So grateful to have the privilege of bearing others burdens and walking alongside them during tough times.

My friend Anita said this reminded her of me. She is so right, my heart has been so heavy this year for friends struggling